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Doesn't it look so much better with greenery

Jo Med

Flowers and plants make such a difference. Victoria Villa is quite understated in its colours and trim and these plants really give it a bit of a lift.

From the album:

Garfield - Victoria Villa - June 09

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Good heavens, do they ever! Make a difference, I mean. :p They're brilliant!

If you made them yourself, you did a great job. They look wonderful.

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Thanks Monica and Marianne.

I made the window boxes using bits of plastic and paper flowers that I bought either off e-bay or from the local pound shop - they were selling plastic pot plants with very small leaves for £1 per pot so I grabbed 3 - that will do me for many houses to come I think. The cats keep pulling the bits out of hth window boxes though so I don't think I stuck them very well.

The wisteria is almost entirely hand made. I bought some tiny cut out leaves off e-bay and I had already bought some tiny paper flowers so I used these and bound several together to make a long droplet type flower. The trunk is florists wire, papier mache (in places) and clay. I made one stem of each to see how it worked = papier mache was more flexible and resilient but the clay looked better. Then put them both together. the leaves are all stuck on individually to bits of wire and they were pigs (note to self - don't ever think about a wisteria again) I then coated the trunk with watered down clay to smoothe it out a bit. With more experience I think I would do a better job and make it much easier on myself - but this is all new to me so its trial and error.


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Jo - I was going to ask how you made these...I've been collecting bits and pieces of little plants and flowers too and now I see the result of combining them can be stunning! I'm amazed at your wisteria - very beautiful! I always look forward to seeing your latest posts - keep 'em coming!


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