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Day 4: Trimming it up

Day 4: Trimming it up


I think this is how Mollie wanted the stairs to be installed. The kitchen appliances will go under the stairs, and she wants to put stair treads on them for a little color. She wanted vines around the front door, so I added a few.

I used Aileen's Tacky Glue to put the house together, the first time I'd used it for major construction. I like the way it tacked pieces together, but was surprised at how long it takes to dry. I used a Ross brand of white glue for my own Orchid and was much happier with it. I bought the Ross (I can't remember where!) as a cheaper version of Elmer's Glue and found that it dries clear and fairly quickly and has a tacky character as well. Live and learn ... <_<

Tomorrow: the bay window (when I'm not so tired) and finishing touches, maybe start on the shingles. And, oh, yeah ... I haven't even started sanding the vergeboards ... *sigh* :(

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Orchid for Mollie

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