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Somehow, after I glue and paint this, it will be attached to the side of the San Franciscan. I don't know yet, how I will do this, but don't think it will be too difficult. It still has to have the new windows cut out in place of a front door.

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It should be okay. Remember, on the SF, I bought 2 kits, so have plendy of foundation that will be available , for both bay windows. To bring them up to the same level as the house.

Yes, making tape is great. Also, I get so excited so see what the end result is going to be that i want to masking tape the entire house before it is even started. That way , there will less surprises and mistakes down the road.

I hope.

This step in planning is very important. As when the wall of the house are up, I will be able to plan where to place the bay window way before the sawing of the side walls. Since no one has done this before( that has any pictures,)that I can find, it will be determing by me when to place.

All in all, this is such fun. I love the planning part. I even like sanding.

Since there are to be a bay on each side of the house, for astectic purpose, they will not be in the eact same position. Queen Ann style houses were asemeticrical,and that is one reason I like them. When everything is perfectly centered I get bored. my mind likes variety.


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