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Master bedroom

Master bedroom

This is almost finished, just one more set of curtains and its done. I had an art deco suite of furniture for this room but it is mahogany and didn't look right so I painted it in a cream shabby chic style and that looked even worse. This set is now in rehab and I have ordered some new funiture for this room from Maple Street. Spent a bit more than I would usually spend but I had a bit extra this month out of my bonus. Come to think of it all my money is going on DH stuff, I'm starting to look decidedly shabby minus the chic myself.

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Garfield - Victoria Villa - June 09

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It's so soothing looking, you just want to move in. I know what you mean about money spent on minis. I haven';t bought clothes in a year, but I'd hate to count up my mini receipts.

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Very beautiful! Where on earth do you get your decoration ideas? I have the hardest time coming up with colors and themes that match!!

Just beautiful!!!


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Thanks for your comments everyone.

Bre, I have no plan, things just come together gradually - trial and error really.


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Who needs new clothes? They just go out of style while minis go on forever!

Beautiful room, it would be hard to find furniture that will add and not detract from its beauty.

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