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Another view of goth bedroom

Another view of goth bedroom

need to give her a wardrobe and dressing table I think - hope there is enough room because this is a very small bedroom.

Like most teenage bedrooms, you probably won't be able to see the floor for stuff scattered about - plate of egg n chips under the bed - you know the kind of thing.

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From the album:

Garfield - Victoria Villa - June 09

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Ha,ha! Plate of eggs....that's funny!!!(You know you can also get tiny mice!!!) This

house continues to intrigue me. It's lovely!! :p

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I think you may be right Connie. My son was a goth a few years ago so I had plenty of experience of the tribe wandering in and out looking like zombies and waking up on a Sunday morning to find the lounge littered with what looked like dead bodies(Come on you lot, no-one gets breakfast if you haven't showered - get upstairs)

Like the idea of the mice Llyn - at the moment I'm battling woodworm - horror of horrors. If I don't get it under control, its goodbye Victoria Villa.



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It's great Jo! But looking at my own daughters bedrooms - you could do with a little more debris on the floor.

Good luck with your war on worms...

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