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trixie 1.jpg

trixie 1.jpg

This is my little Trixie, or Pixie, as I call her. She was my first Chinese Crested. She came from a breeder in Texas who couldn't use her in the breeding program because she tested to be significantly deaf. She stopped showing her just a couple points shy of championship and sold her to me! What a darling, sweet, funny, loving little girl she is! We were soon sold on the wonderful qualities of this breed, so when we stumbled across one in a nearby rescue, we got Trixie a companion.

Cresties are kind of high maintenance (and need extensive wardrobes and skin care routines <_< ), but they are a wonderful, unusual breed that have some unique characteristics. They are known to bond very strongly to their people and adore lots of affection and one-on-one attention - they love an empty lap! Trixie will follow me throughout the house, wherever I go just to be near me - they're known as velcro dogs and I can see why! They talk and sing and are very vocal, but not known to be particularly yappy. They love to play and will do so with wild abandon with one another and will make up ridiculous games and stunts and will keep you amused. They're also called "clown dogs" for that reason. They can run like the wind - they are built and move much like tiny greyhounds, but they don't require a great deal of exercise and can be apartment dwellers. Beware though - they are quite intelligent and manipulative! :idiot:

From the album:

My babies!

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Your dogs are so incredibly cute!

And thank you very much for all the info about this breed. It was such an interesting read!

It breaks my heart how many people choose the wrong dog, based only on looks. For example a neighbor of mine finds total obedience and submission very important. He has an Airedale Terrier. Need I say more?

Thanks for the lovely pictures and for sharing their life stories. Goes to show that respect and appreciation brings out the best in a pet, or in every living being for that matter.

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