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The Scrappy-windows, porches, alot of tape!

The Scrappy-windows, porches, alot of tape!


The Scrappy ....after 12 hours of nonstop work ...

now I can look at it and actually feel like I may get this house done after all.

I feel so relieved that I don't have to think about the design anymore...

I'm happy with the window placement, the front porch is connecting with the side

gazebo just like I imagined it.....Ive decided not to put a roof on the gazebo...

instead it well be the second story balcony or whatever its called...lol...

I made my first staircase.......Holy Cow! Now I know why people are so

proud of themselves if they get a staircase built!

I put a white wash on the front of the house so I could see how the windows

would look... the exterior of the house well be covered with siding.

I'm not buying any wood for the siding....I'm going to use the united states post office

free priority shipping boxes I use for Ebay...the card board is exactly the right


I cut and glued then painted a few stripes and it looks exactly like wood.

It's time to figure out what type of roof I want...gads.

From the album:

The Scrappy, dollhouse made of scraps

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