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Tapewire guides


This evening I got out the electrical fixtures and moved them about until I was satisfied, then marked the tape runs with the ubiquitous blue tape. There will be sconce lights in the alcoves above each of the small octagon windows. The bathroom will have a large pin-in light. It won't be seen when the bathroom wall is in place, so it doesn't have to be pretty.

I'm going to intall tap-in outlets along the raised base under the eaves. They'll be hidden by the false walls. The long, long wires that come with plug-in floor and table lamps will reach just about anywhere in the room and can be artfully hidden.

The flooring in the living room hasn't been installed. I just put it there to see how I liked the color. I stained it a light mahogany. The room is so small, I didn't want it to be too dark. I think it will work fine with the darker wood of the furniture.

The run between the kitchen and living room will be in the kitchen. The two wall sconces and fireplace coals will be wired through the wall. The ceiling fixtures in the kitchen and living room will be wired through the floor above. The sewing room and bedroom won't have ceiling fixtures.

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