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Splinter is a male rat . If you want a awesome, great pet for a older child , get a male rat (feeder rat) yeah we saved him from getting eatted by a snake. Splinter is so sweet , I never liked rats until my oldest came home with a female .then another . then another . We they got old n died n then came splinter . Male rats are so much more loveable. he loves to cuddle in your arms and fall asleep.

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When I taught first grade, we had a pet rat--his name was "Wodney"; after the character in the story Wodney Wat. I bought him for my children after our hamsters escaped their cage in our classroom --I still think an ex-boyfriend of mine left the lid open when I was doing lesson plans one weekend! Our rat; or should I say "wat" was a sweetie, and would lick himself clean every day--like a dog or cat would. He would ride around on my shoulder, like a pet bird. VERY CLEAN animal. Not at all what their reputation makes them out to be--but then again, neither are doberman pinchers, and I had to have one of them as well. LOL! Gotta love all those unusual type animals. Much more fun to have; if not just to see people's reactions. The following school year, our principal made it a rule to never allow animals in the classrooms again--not to visit, and especially not as pets. It turned out that hamsters made him squirm and he was absolutely terrified of RATS! :groucho: HA HA HA!

I'm so glad your little cutie has found a good home and won't meet his fate in the belly of some hungry boa constrictor.

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