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here are some of the 6" X 1/8" "floorboards I cut from the veneer; it is real red oak! I made two exterior crossbuck doors with the intention of pin-hinging them. Two months and countless efforts later I'm giving up & going to make new crossbuck doors and hinge them with chamois strips in my usual way.

To make these particular doors I had some very small craft sticks not quite 3/4 the size of the lolly-stick kind. I traced an outline of the door opening and lay the sticks side-by-side to see how many I'd need for the width. Then I lay one along the edge of my tracing and marked where the top & bottom came and cut off the ends at those marks. I cut four more the width of the door and used masking tape to see how they looked, with the last four flush with the top & bottom of each door; and I took two last sticks and lay them across corner to corner from top to bottom and marked each side where they crossed the cross-pieces and cut them. Then I stained them and, when they were dry, glued them together. Then I marked where I wanted to drill the holes for the pins in the top & bottom edges of the doors, measuring meticulously. Then I matched those measurements precisely on the floor and top of the doorway whilst the house was in dry-fit, and drilled them before assembling with glue. And guess what, nothing will fit!

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