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While looking for inspiration for furniture for my Merrimack’s living room, I found and fell head over heels in love with an Adrian Pearsall boomerang sofa.  It’s obviously not something I could ever afford in real life, but I had to try to make it in miniature.  I used half-rounds from Earth and Tree, bass wood, lovely walnut veneer from Cascade Miniatures, craft foam and mat board, as well as casters from Minimum World.  I’ve now seen variants on this sofa that don’t have casters, but this is a big piece of furniture (it would be 9 feet long in real life)--casters will make it so much easier for my homeowners to move.  My original inspiration sofa had obviously been reupholstered.  The tight, neutral upholstery seemed more modern than mid-century, so I did a bit more looking and found this and this.  I decided I liked the button tufting, so I used One-Inch Minis’ fabulous button tutorial to create the buttons.  I intentionally went with fairly large buttons.  I actually started smaller, but didn’t like them as much.  And, yes, Adrian Pearsall seems to put a button right on the seam of all his tufted, angled sofas.

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The buttons are fabulous... I read the tutorial and got a bit lost with the second & third? piece of cardstock??... glad you figured it out. :D


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28 minutes ago, Samusa said:

I read the tutorial and got a bit lost with the second & third? piece of cardstock??.

I might have strayed from the tutorial a bit.  :rolleyes:  Basically, the idea is that one of those punch tools intended for leather belts just will not punch through something the thickness of a piece of paper/cardstock or paper and fabric.  I think they don't close tight enough.  I glued my fabric to 24 lb. paper, then laid that on top of a piece of mat board to punch.  Worked like a charm.

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