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Basement progress

Making progress on the basement. I've cut the hole for the garage door which is in dryfit and has a coat of primer. I don't know where to put the basement door. I've chosen this french door style because there most likely won't be a window on the front wall and I would like to have the door do double duty for some light. I can't put the door directly under the other doors as the garage door took up more room than expected and means it's impossible to line the bottom door up with the others due to the internal struts/runners that make the garage door work.

The choices are:

1. Centre it in what's left of the wall, or

2. Try and get it as close as possible to the garage door, maybe even sharing trim?


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Forgot to mention, I also took the original foundation off the house to allow the basement to be attached... It looks a little weird but I think I just have to get used to it. :)


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Are you planning to add stairs to the original front door? That's how most San Francisco Victorians are constructed, the garage is the ground floor (with a separate door leading to the garage area or an in-law apartment near the garage door that's NOT the front door of the house) and exterior stairs lead up to the second story front door, which is the main entry to the house.

My suggestion is to use the area to the left of the garage door for a staircase that goes up halfway to the left, makes a 180-degree turn on a landing, and then goes up to the right the rest of the way to meet the front door. And then put your French door on one of the sides of the house. If it's going to be a separate apartment it should be on the left side (my first apartment in San Francisco was laid out exactly that way).

Here's a house of mine, not exactly the same as what you're doing, but it might give you an idea for stairs: http://www.emilymorganti.com/dollhouse/hillside-victorian/hillside-rehab-start2.jpg

If you're not planning to add front stairs, consider centering the French door under the left hand bay window (so it's lined up under the front-facing window).

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12 minutes ago, fov said:

Are you planning to add stairs to the original front door?

Yes I am, I had in mind either a switchback arrangement where the stairs come straight forward to a landing and then turn back towards the house to just outside the Garage & basement door. I have a landscaping board that this house is going on and I intended to make it a hillside. So the first flight of stairs would come down to the front yard level and then the second flight down with a retaining wall along the driveway and under the bay window (on the apartment side) to allow access to the apartment and perhaps a "below ground" window if I can fit it in.

I think you are suggesting something similar but just turning that arrangement 45 degrees, right? I like this idea because it's a nicer way for the stairs to land at the driveway... I'll just have to give some thought on how to get the stairs onto the porch as it is currently flush with the bays.

The stairs on your house are amazing (the whole house is beautiful) and perfect for a hillside application. I need to think about this more! :D

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Yeah, in my head the bottom of the stairs would be right at the edge of the garage door, which is convenient for someone parked in the driveway.

Here's another example -- ignore the placement of the garage, but your stairs could do something like this: https://ssl.cdn-redfin.com/photo/9/bigphoto/900/452900_2.jpg

That also has a nice solution for the apartment door, tucked behind the staircase. But I guess if you did it this way the bottom portion of the stairs would have to be facing the other direction (so they don't cross over the garage), and that puts the base of the staircase on the apartment side rather than the garage side. Maybe that's what you had in mind to begin with.

If you search Redfin.com for houses for sale in San Francisco you might get some other ideas.

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I like the second option but I want a hill on that side of the building (to cut down on stonework on the bottom level.. lol) so I think it's out. 

You have to use your imagination with this photo (who new it would be so hard to find a picture of switchback stairs) but this was the stair configuration I was intending.. but all covered in by the landscaping as if they were built into the hillside and of some substantial material such as stone or concrete. 

Related image \ho

However, looking at your hillside victorian, I like this stair configuration better because it allows me to have a shorter first flight and longer second flight, meaning a higher hill. :D (think of my garage where your lower bay is in mirror image.)

I think I can figure out a way to get the stairs onto the porch with a bit of an overhanging extension... I think I will explore this more. 

I have also always been partial to this house. 


Your MiniWright looks just like it!

Right, I'm off to look at redfin. :)

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