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The top floor hallway us finished except for another of those plants where you have to cut an endless amount of leaves and glue them to wire and bamboo. This one is supposed to look like bamboo plants coming out of a base. There will also be shoe stones in front of each door.

I haven't put in the top of the staircase yet because I am going to be moving this up to the gift shop very soon, and I didn't want to break it, so I just added the railings around the top.

I am not going to permanently join all the floors to each other. I'm going to try to keep each floor separate, and maybe use magnets to keep them together, so it will be easy to separate them to move the house. I really want to take it to some shows when it is completed, and it will be very difficult to move it if it's all together. I want to try to figure out a way to attach the top parts of the stairs so they can be removed easily as well.

I also just purchased a set of five LEDs that run on battery from Miniatures.com. As soon as I get to making the ceiling lights, I am going to try wiring those, and doing the first floor. If the ones I got work out, I'll try wiring each floor separately with more sets.

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Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

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So neat that you've not only shared this project with us online, but others will get to see it in the gift shop and at shows.  Although you've taken great photos, I bet it is even more amazing in person.

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Thanks Cathy! Opening it is sort of neat. There is a fancy little portico on the ground floor that goes in front of the entryway. (not in this photo). To open it when the portico is on, you first open the two bottom extensions, then you can move that out, then you swing each extension out, to reveal what is inside each room. It sort of reminds me of a secret puzzle box or something when I open it.

I only hope I can make the landscaping as amazing as the building is turning out!

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That sounds cool!  

But since it opens and closes, and you want to be able to take it to shows..... how in the world are you going to landscape it?  I guess I'll just have to wait and see what you come up with. I am sure it'll be great!

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Right now, it's on a 2'x4' sheet of plywood. I'm going to buy some 1" styrofoam insulation, and build a little hill of a couple of layers for the house to sit on. Then I'll just have to be careful of where I put the trees!

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