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I finished the overhangs on the second floor extensions. For these, you have to measure and mark the underside for little sticks, stain them, and paint the ends white. Then put all those shingles on.

I messed up on the second overhang. On both of them, I was so careful to make sure that they were all right side up. There are four pieces to each overhang, and they all have slanted sides that have to slant right with both the roof, and each other. Then you have to turn them over and put the little beams underneath before you can shingle. Well, I must have turned the long front piece on the righthand side the wrong way on this overhang, because I had finished all of them, and glued the first two pieces on that side on, and the long front one didn't fit right. It was upside down!!! :-(

Anyway, ungluing the little beams and all those shingles and getting everything smoothed out would have been a nightmare, so I ended up using my X-Acto knife, files and sandpaper to change the angles so it would fit the edges of the other pieces as well as the house. It was a royal pain, but it doesn't look bad. I will just need to add a few shingles to the corners where there are slight gaps tomorrow, once everything is fully dry.

At any rate, I was dreading working on these, because I knew all those shingles weren't going to be fun, but it wasn't as bad as I had been afraid it would be. Now I can build and decorate the top floor rooms!

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Japanese Inn and Spa Ryokan

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You're doing an amazing job!  It is beautiful!

I really like that you not only share your progress through photos, but that you also explain what you've done.  Thank you.

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Thanks Cathy! :-) I always like it when I go to an album and there is more information there, rather than just a photo, even if it's only a couple of lines about what they did, or where they got something, so I am trying to do that with my albums now.

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It's nice to have found a solution though Kathi and successful one too! It all looks great and the amount of detail is splendid.

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Thanks everyone!

I will be very glad to start building and decorating the rooms on the third floor. One of the rooms up there will have a little open firepit called an irori in the middle of the floor. It will have a rather complicated thing hanging from a beam to hold kettles over the fire.

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2 hours ago, Boca1212 said:

Is this a scratch build or did you have something you started with??? - it's truly awesome.

Thanks! It is a Japanese kit, that was produced in 2005 and 2006, and sold in Japan by subscription. In 2008, they sold the same kit, repackaged, on subscription in Italy. I agree, the kit is really awesome, and I'm having a wonderful time building it!

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