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I brought home an ikea flat pack dollhouse/shelf - I bought it with the aim of using it for a display shelf for items I don't have a home for yet, or just made/found.  I put it in our guest room, better known as my daughter and her husbands bedroom, on what was a great big blank wall.  I also did a basement search for a temporary dresser, until I find the right one.  Works in the space, I think.

The house didn't have a door to the kitchen - or a stair, so first thing first, cut out the opening for the stair, and a door to the kitchen, and change the original color of the chimney (which I almost left off, since it's a chimney with no fireplace .... Bugs me - kept reminding myself, it's a shelf, not a house, and I'd be left with screw holes where it was meant to be)

i made the stairs, don't look too closely, they are far from perfect.

in the bedroom I have the Bespaq mirror I paid two dollars for - I left it unfinished,until I actually place it in a house.  It just needed gluing, that's why it was in a box of junk at a sale - $2! My daughter knitted the bed cover.  The bathroom has a green set of bathroom pieces which I just picked up in a junk store.  I just like the color.  The blue cabinet in the bathroom I found at a sale for $1!  The jar is a a dollar tree jar that I poured Galaxy glass in, and poured back out.

the kitchen have pieces I have fixed up to go in a house I'm working on, temporarily.  

I like the idea of it all being movable and such, as new pieces come and go

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IKEA shelf

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