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Progress is slow sometimes

Progress is slow sometimes

This is Sherman Arthur. He insists his name is Arthur, I insist it is Sherman (that's what I heard when I got him for Christmas). He argues with me. I told him I would compromise and his name will be Sherman Arthur. He still gets grumpy about it occasionally. He was a pen topper and screamed to get off the pen. I got him off the pen and gave him some stuffing. Then he started whining he wanted a home -his OWN home. Hence, this camper home.

He is checking out the 'slow' progress here. Insisted on spending the night in there even though it is far from livable, yet. I won't be making bedding for awhile.

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Thank you! He thinks I should have had it done by now, but he approves of what is being done (so far) and inspects it every time I work on it. He lets me know if he doesn't like something, which is why the sink has been moved from the middle to the end of the counter. We are currently bantering about the color scheme. I have materials of tans/browns for the living area (I got them specifically for this) and he wants blues (which I don't have a variety of) throughout the whole camper. I say the bed should be done with a brown and tan print. He will likely win, but it will take longer to get done.

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