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The woodshed


The woodshed, filled. As I mentioned in an earlier image of this lean-to shed, the flooring which I took such pains with ended up almost completely obscured, once the wood piles went in. Ah, well.

This step, adding the wood, looks easier than it was. First, since I live in an apartment, I have no back yard from which to readily grab sticks, so I spent all year, from April to November, trying to remember to stop and scavenge whenever I saw what looked like very straight sticks/ branches lying on the ground anywhere in my travels.

Hopefully all you miniaturists have experienced the twinge of embarrassment of picking up weird things for mini use when you're out and about, right?



And second—as it turns out, when choosing straight branches, so they won't look crazy-wiggly in scale, you can never really choose straight enough. Try as I might I had to throw out a bunch of sections of the branches I'd collected at the end, because when cut down to only a couple of inches long they looked like some sci-fi-fantasy-movie prop and not like real logs intended for a "real" wood fire.

I also have new respect for folks who make neat stacks of wood like this in real life. There is a technique to getting them not to roll off the pile as you add more and more... one that I have not mastered yet, even with my lightweight scale logs. I'd have crushed quite a few toes if these were real-sized.

From the album:

2014 HBS Creatin' Contest--Erabliere Aucoin, Sugar Shack and Shop

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