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The Elven Bowyer
© Minifanaticus

Here is my little build for the contest, I had lots of encouragement from Kelly and Jennybee we all kind of prodded each other along when times got RAWWWR!

Its good to have good friends isnt it?

I will leave my blog link here if you folks want to have a view of the other shots.


Go greenleaf family!


© Minifanaticus
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From the album:

21st Annual Creatin' Contest

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Jane, I just got back from viewing the build photos on your blog, and it's awesome :D Of course, I love the roof, but I was fascinated by the different bows you created too! Many wonderful things in this build. It's very magical! Good luck! :)

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Jane... I will say it again.... this is sooooooo magical!!!! I love every part of it.... the roof and bows are my favorite....

You are awesome my friend!!!!! RAWWWWWWRRR is right....


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RAWWWWWWWRRRRR girl power!!! lol

Beautiful Miss Jane and to think we were just like...are you going to enter..did you get the kit....and then BOOM look what inspires. Its prob a good thing we three girls don't live too near each other I can only imagine the giant village of doom we would soo create!! So whats next? Jane..Kelly??? /snort

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Thanks so much folks it was a great, and at times, harrowing build!

I am proud to have been a part of our little trio of fantasy ;)


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