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Walls are up and siding on

Walls are up and siding on

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My first house - Westville construction

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It looks like you are a fast learner. I really like the Westfield design and the colors you picked. The work you did on this paid off.

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It's mostly the electrical I'm struggling with. I've broken the foil tape twice because I was manhandling the whole house while wallpapering. Spliced the connections and had to re-wallpaper. Installing the sconces is a nightmare with those tiny wires and brads. Noticed one sconce isn't lighting up so I get to trouble shoot that tonight. Grrrr! Any tips on fixture installation would be appreciated.

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I found that sometimes the protective cover on the tape wire coats the brad when you push the brad through the wire making the connection temperamental. I have found a trick that works for me. I make an indentation marking where I'm going to place the brad, then using an exacto knife I mark an X over the indentation, gently cut a small square only in the protective covering by joining the corners of the X, remove the tape covering exposing the tape wire. Then, I push the brad in half way, wrap the wire around the brad at least twice, then use needle nosed pliers to push the brad flush. Finally, I cover the wired brads with scotch tape. Since I started doing this I haven't had any problems with the wiring. I hope this helps!

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