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SkilCraft Victorian Manor with Coach House

I guess Sears didn't splurge too much on the box. :) I thought I still had my original box somewhere 'round here, and I was going to take a picture of it and upload it, but it's hiding from me right now so this is a screen shot off the web.

I still have the box of the kit-furniture they got for me that Christmas, too. Aw, Mom and Dad, keeping that stuff for me all these years. So sweet. And they only mentioned it after knowing that my daughter and I had been doing minis for a few years!

"Well, you know, the house you had when you were a kid, it's out in the garage if you're interested..."

My first mini-love! Of course I'm interested!!

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SkilCraft Victorian Manor with Coach House: My 1st Dollhouse

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They wanted to make sure you were really into it before surprising you? Beautiful house; someone on here was looking for one of these a few months ago, and I can see why:)

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Really? I didn't know anyone had ever heard of it... though I suppose, Sears, so they must have made more than one, ha ha!

I agree, it's beautiful when done well—but I'm an ebay lurker and there's a nasty green one on there for the last few months that's like a train wreck. o.O

My parents... I think they thought it wouldn't be good enough or something, you know, childhood things, some people don't want to revisit them. Then they saw a rehab I did of someone else's childhood dh and they got over that hangup. To be honest I took this house darned seriously when I was a kid, research and everything—Victorian design isn't my thing anymore, but other than the damage I wasn't too disappointed about it. Certainly not an embarrassment like some of my other art of the period undoubtedly is!

In fact the exterior is actually the same color scheme as I did back then. Simple, simple—a solid white and a slightly-grey black. It still looks like it could sit on Anystreet USA, and I like houses to look... like real houses. :)

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