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Carriage house, first floor, 1

In the carriage house, which was part of the original house kit (along with an arbor I haven't tried to revitalize yet), I have been told by my kid that I am only allowed to work on the first floor. The second floor, she imagines as the teenager's refuge from the world, and she has all sorts of plans to make it into a goth-rock'n'roll-no-parents-allowed kind of place. Which will probably be cool in mini, actually. Right now it's only in her head, but I look forward to seeing that materialize.

In the meantime, I'm allowed to work on the first floor, which I imagine as a former carriage house, then former garage, which the parents one day thought they'd fix up into *their* refuge, without throwing too much money into it. But then the teenager needed her space and gradually they stopped peeking in to their space... isn't that the way.

So it has newspaper-stuffed, exposed ceiling beams above, insulating but not quite keeping out the ever-louder racket from the teenager's iPod... original wood-planked walls that have been there since the late 1800s, which they stained a trendy, faded blue... a concrete floor they covered in wood-look laminate flooring, back before wood-look laminate flooring was very convincing... and a rug and a few pieces of furniture that were cast-off from the main house back when they had a little money and wanted to upgrade.

These shots are of the ceiling/ walls/ flooring, just as I'd finished them up. I really need to get out the camera, as it's quite a bit further along now than these shots show.

From the album:

SkilCraft Victorian Manor with Coach House: My 1st Dollhouse

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