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Air dry clay


This is what the front looks like. Not sure how I will remove them when they dry.

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I used air dry clay and measuring spoons (as molds) to make some bowls. I found that after they clay was almost completely dry I could gently pull it out. Maybe after your clay is dry, you might be able to gently tap it out from this angle. Love the frames and idea for them!

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Well, when cake decorators use molds like this, we first dust the mold with cornstarch-with clay, I'd use baby powder maybe?

*Decorators' dusting tip: put a bit of cornstarch (or powder) into a NEW nylon knee-hi stocking and knot it closed. Use this little "powder puff" to pat your mold, ball of clay or work surface to keep the clay from sticking! ;)

If the clay is a bit sticky, dust it as well before you push it firmly into the mold.

Once molded, you should be able to immediately tap it back out onto your work surface. Sometimes if it sticks, you can use a pin to help remove the piece from the mold.

Once it has somewhat dried, you can easily brush off any dusting residue (I use a soft make-up brush).

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Uh oh. Lol!!!! It stinks that it takes so long to dry. I'm too impatient! Well, I suppose if I can't get it out, I at least know how to try again so it works. Lol

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Kari,would it sound crazy to pop it in the frig or freezer,for just a couple of minutes-that might be just long enough to temporarily change the structure of the clay or the mold's plastic to get the frame out of the mold. These are really cute so I hope they turn out for you. :)

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