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barn Tin roof 006

L Swearengin

close up of part of "tin" roof. However after looking at the Carson Mansion. I think I am playing out of my league.

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No, we all work at our own pace and talent. I think you are moving fast for the great quality of work I see. And it is looking great! That Carson mansion is beautiful and I wish I could do as well. Houses like that Carson Mansion are a great inspiration to all of us.

I would also love to be able to do your barn, as fast and with the craftsmanship you are putting into it! My DD wants one and not in the 1/4 scale I have for her. She would like it to go with her 'Heritage' I made her. But that will be a project for the future.

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My Garfield has been under construction since the early 1980's if you need some perspective on a slow builder. It's never good to compare yourself to others. We are all unique and do things in our own way, with our own current abilities and time frames. As to Ron, don't forget he is a pro.

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I work under self imposed deadlines. I did the Magnolia while in Texas, so had two weeks. The Orchid needed to be done before graduation so I didn't have to "ship" it. I want the barn done before the family reunion at the end of June. Besides, they are in my bedroom and YELL at me if I don't get up and tend to them. The Beacon Hill was the worse for fussing at me. She was mad because I left her to go to Texas LOL

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I guess I should mention, I am now retired (twice) and really don't have much else to do. Can't mow the yard or really do much (heart), so I move into my houses and am normally very happy there.

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I agree that you are doing such a great job,at a great pace-I envy your industriousness and will enjoy seeing the next step! :)

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