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Remembering Dudley

Remembering Dudley

For all of you who remember me from way back when, you'll remember my love of my Tuxedo Cat Dudley. He passed away the summer of 2006 and has left me with a hole in my heart. It was only about six months ago that I could finally bring myself to pull out his photos (film in those days) and commission an artisan to bring him back to life in miniature for me. Here he sits in the Beacon Hill Master Bedroom alongside the mini reproductions of his two lifelong friends (still living), Missymew (laying in front of him in her classic pose), and Trinity (little black bobtail standing in the middle of the photo). Working in miniature is so therapeutic, but everything has its time. Sometimes grief holds us back until we're ready. Dean was so kind to open the Rainbow Bridge Pet Photo Album and let me put Dudley's photo as the first one in the album. Thank you Dean. I also created the Rainbow Bridge Scene as one of our Spring Fling Projects.

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From the album:

Beacon Hill 2014

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awwww beautiful Dudley and his friends..... I lost my cat Chloe in January... I miss her terribly.... maybe someday I'll see if I can have an artist make a miniature of her too :)

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Everyone handles grief in his or her own way, and I am so happy that you found such a therapuetic way to honor the memory of your beloved cat. Miniatures in themselves are therapuetic, but what is great about them is that you can incorporate so many aspects of your life into this hobby.

By the way, I had a toy poodle named Missey, and sometimes when I was playing with her, I would call her Missey Moo.

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Love the bed in the photo, the cats are nicely done. I have a polymer clay dachshund setting on her hind legs in my Beaumont house and two others playing on the sun deck. It was a lot of fun making them.

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I think it is great that you can deal with your grief in that way. It sounds like a beautyful lovestorie between all your furry family members. The room looks great.

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What a wonderful tribute to Dudley. The Rainbow Bridge is where I want to go someday to join my beloved pets and I did not know that you were the first to be part of getting the Rainbow Bridge on this site. The creation of your room with Dudley is a nice memory of your special cat.

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