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OK, now DH "hates" this dog. I got it on Ebay a few years back. Its plastic and doing its business. I'm sorry, but I found it so hilariously funny that I just had to get it. Ray keeps hiding it, but I find it and put it right back. Hey, life at home is never dull with too retirees Ray is meticulous and me.....well, let's just say I'm creative.

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Your garden is both creative and meticulous, plus it is getting proper fertilizer.

Your dog story reminds me of when my mother used to put all types of yard ornaments on our front lawn. Mom used to have a plastic hen with three baby chics that she would have follow the mama hen in a single file. I would tell my mother that was ridiculous because we didn't live on a farm. So one day, I took the last baby chic and put it clear across the lawn.

When I got home from work, the chic was back in place, but I found one of my favorite stuffed animals tied to the mailbox. My mother said the mail didn't arrive at its usual time, so thinking we didn't have any mail that day, she tied my stuffed caterpiller to the mailbox to get back at me. But the mailman came late, so when she saw him, she had to run out to untie my caterpiller before he got there. Then she tied it up again.

I would have loved to have seen what the mailman would have done if he got there first. Better yet, if they met face to face, I would have loved to have heard my mother's explanation.

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I have a couple of these rotary lawn mowers in my stash-mine were garden stakes that came from Walmart a few years back(I got wheel barrows,too). Fun to know someone else saw they were perfect for mini use!! I love your realistic work!

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I have a wooden plaque that my daughter gave me that says: "I'm Creative not Neat". I keep it right near the entrance to my craft areas. It's my early warning message.

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