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Our little granddaughter will be turning 9 in November and she asked us for a "Little House on the Prairie" dollhouse. How does she know about the Little House on the Prairie TV show? We bought her the entire Little House DVD box set for Christmas one year and she loves the show. Well, apparently since the show ran from 1974 - 1983 I only found one that could be purchased on Etsy but they wanted $442. So Roger (Popoo) and myself (Momoo) decided to build one. This was one of the most difficult tasks we have ever taken on. We had no plan. All we could find were pictures and a floor plan. I truly have to give the Lord ALL the credit for this one because without Him we could have never figured out how to build this and all the accessories that went with it. He truly did help us. He even supplied hard to find items for us. The Little House measures 20" wide x 15 deep" x 16 tall ". Forgive me for posting so many pictures but we are so proud of how it turned out (with the Lord's help) we have to share with our friends. We started August 24th because we knew we would need plenty of time. We finished October 5th. We worked a total of 199 hours. I am in the process of making a scrap book for August so she can see the pictures I am sharing here. But the house, furniture, accessories and dolls are finished. Hope you enjoy viewing the work of our hands.

Little House No Background Cover 3 x 2.jpg

Inside House Back Complete 4 x 6.jpg

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