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Formal botanical Train garden with 1:24 scale houses

Formal botanical Train garden with 1:24 scale houses
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I have always loved the botanical center displays of Applied Imagination.. They used G scale trains, flowers, plants and 1:24 scale buildings constructed to withstand the weather.. my husband has been collecting the trains and track for the past few years. the challenge was to incorporate a design into our yard, One that doesn't interfere with mowing or dogs etc. We moved my 10 x 12 shed to make room. It took me forever to come up with a workable design for the space. It actually wasn't until the building was moved that the whole thing came together.. I ended up purchasing some 1:24 scale buildings fro a G scale person who couldn't find what he wanted for his display and desided to make them. I liked them so much I commissioned him to build a 1:24 scale Chavenage house from the Poldark series.. It took some convincing he thought it would be too big. But I made a sketch of the portion of the house that was important too me with the Floor to ceiling windows and front door. To me it just had to be a recognizable workable model. And that is underway! The Formal Botanical train garden style that I went with is well under way. we had to bring in 21 tons of dirt for the 40 foot bed. The bed has 12 x12 boxes on each end for the train to turn around and a 6 x 16 for stretch in between. I have an 8 foot iron bridge being constructed also. The buildings are LED lighted and the iron Bridge will have solar string lights to highlight the shape. This whole thing has been quite a project! Not to mention gather dwarf plants and shrubs for the landscape. Whew almost there though.


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