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VF-800 ... finished - YEE HAW

   This is the Victorian Mansion (also might possibly be called Victorian Farmhouse) that I purchased from a craigslist ad a few months back.  It had been stored in a shed or garage for a very long time and was suffering from a moldy/mildew smell.  I removed all of the wallpaper (hoping to rid it of the stink) and swabbed down every exposed area with a dilute solution of bleach and water.  I'm happy to say that the smell is completely gone now.  I was surprised to find real wood walls under the wallpaper and since I wanted a 'Lodge' feel to this dollhouse I decided to leave as much wood for the walls as possible.  The moveable room dividers however were NOT wood so I had to wallpaper all of those.  The roof over the hexagonal rooms was broken when I got the dollhouse and since the pieces of it were all super-thick MDF (which weighed a TON) I chucked those and built a new flat-topped roof (which weighs next to nothing).  I spent a lot of time crafting a skylight with a stained glass picture in that roof, making it so I had a hidden area above the skylight that I planned to put some lights in so it would look like sun coming in the skylight. I went upstairs and downstairs, fitting and re-fitting I don't know how many times until I got the fit just right.  So I decide to leave the roof in place while I got down off the chair to check how it looked from inside....  You can't even SEE the skylight if you crane your neck.  Dang it.  So I stopped at that point and didn't even bother to add the hidden lights in the roof.  I wonder how much time I wasted on THAT?

  I learned (the hard way) that chandeliers should NOT hang down into the room too far.  I keep knocking the fixtures loose when I reach in to place furniture.  I've made a few replacement fixtures but I'm going to leave the ones that're there in place for now. 

  The burl wood tables (coffee, end and dining room) are all made from 'slices' of burl purchased from different sellers on Etsy.  The two driftwood floor lamps are made from one 50-cent piece of driftwood from my local thrift shop.  The deer antlers on two of the chandeliers are made using wire and Sculpey clay, as are the 'long horns' above the fireplace.  The rug in front of the fireplace is just cut from a $1 scrap of suede from the fabric store.  The couch and chairs are mostly made from 'House of Miniature' kits that I just used different fabrics for.  The bar stools in the top floor 'Man Cave' are made from slices of driftwood purchased at Hobby Lobby.  The deer head and long-horned sheep head 'mounts' are actually cake toppers purchased on eBay.  The moose head mount is from a small moose purchased at our Farm Supply store that I cut the head off. 

  This is one huge dollhouse.  It was fun to have the room to make lots of things and experiment.  Now where to PUT it? 



















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