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The Pierce Garage Sale Find and Kit Instructions


The Pierce Garage Sale Find and Kit Instructions
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Hubby came home with it....The thing is hugh on the outside and tiny on the inside...I have a few things to say about it,  but  Ill just say that  it wasn't designed for a child to play with  that's for sure.

I tore out the ugly staircase, and all the archways in order to create more "living space".   The bathroom/bedroom wall design must have been an after thought when someone realized that it was impossible for an adult to see down the other end of the bedroom, so they pushed it back a tiny bit for a child sized head to fit in there.   Adult or child,  doesn't matter when it comes to using your hand in that space....there is only room for one hand, your right hand only. 

Anyway the house is impressive to look at from the outside......5 bay windows is a bit much.

The house came with the kit box full of remaining pieces and the Instructions to build it.

I scanned the instructions and uploaded them in case someone might be looking for them.

I also still have the pages showing all the pieces and I will be happy

to scan them and add them to this album if someone needs them...

Just let me know if you do.  ;o)

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