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Otter Cove - Creatin' Contest 2015


Otter Cove - Creatin' Contest 2015
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Restful waterfront living is yours to be had at Otter Cove.  The luxury of an off-the-beaten-path getaway awaits with its picturesque views and creature comforts.  Enjoy a walk along the extensive beaches or through the guided trails along the coast.  If the weather is warm, take a nap or read a book on the patio.  If the weather is cool, warm up inside by the fire as you listen to music and let your cares fall away.  Make your reservations soon!  We'll leave the lava lamp on for you.

I mentioned previously that I had two ideas when I first bought the HBS kit Denise's City Cottage, one of which was a barn find that turned into Milo Valley Farm.  I had nixed that idea for the contest since I needed to change the kit so much it seemed it might be better suited to a different kit.  I tried a few layouts for furnishings and even contemplated adding a lower floor, but nothing worked for me until I tipped it over. :D

The rafters reminded me of a wall of windows, so I ran with that idea.


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