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Spring Fling 2010 - Baslow Ranch


Spring Fling 2010 - Baslow Ranch
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The overall feel I went for with this project was that of a late 1880s building that had been updated over time with electricity and other "modern" features of the passing times. It now sits as an open air, living museum to remind us how people lived and worked. I relied heavily on my trip to Bodie, CA - an open ghost town where you can walk around and explore - as well as other living museums I have visited. The backdrop I used in some of the shots is a photograph I took in Bodie, CA.

I've named the Spring Fling structure Baslow Ranch, established in 1888. "Baslow" is a melding of the names of several recently departed pets, and I am dedicating this build to all my animal companions, both past and present.

I tried to make as much as possible for this project, not only to stay on budget but to see what I could accomplish on my own. The things I didn't make include: lights, buckets, barrels, as well as the glass, ceramic and metal minis. Of the minis I bought, however, I still changed most in some way by either painting or weathering or both.

More at otterine.com/blog


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