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The Orchid Dollhouse Instructions

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Dollhouse instructions for the Orchid Dollhouse by Corona Concepts. This is a fully illustrated enhanced version which includes the schematic diagrams. This is an electronic version offered in Adobe Acrobat format and requires Adobe Reader (version 5 or better) which is available as a free download. This is offered for personal use and may not be redistributed without written authorization from Greenleaf Dollhouses.

A special thanks out to Ben Anderson for all his hard work on converting these instructions and adding all the wonderful diagrams. His technical drawing skills are nothing short of remarkable. His efforts will no doubt benefit miniaturist for decades to come. Greenleaf is forever grateful for his amazing contribution!

Dollhouse Construction Blog

Additional Help: The Orchid Construction Blog

The Best way to navigate this blog is to select a members name from the tag that is under their post. This will give you a list of only that builders post.  As an example, please see this link:  'Follow Minis On The Edge's Orchid'.  As you can see, only Tracy's entries are visible. Please keep in mind that the order of the blog entries change as people add comments, so we recommend that you look at the dates of the different posts and start with the oldest.  As you move forward in time, you'll see the progression through the building progress.

If you still have questions about the construction of your Orchid Dollhouse, don't be afraid to join our community and ask a few questions.  The Greenleaf Miniature Community has the largest collection of knowledgeable miniaturist on the internet, many who I call friends... its a great place to meet like minded people!

Thank you for choosing Greenleaf Dollhouses and the Orchid Dollhouse Kit and big thanks to all that made these blogs possible!

Mini Man

Please visit the Greenleaf Dollhouses Company Store for the complete details on the Orchid Dollhouse Kit.

  • Scale? 1 inch = 1 foot (also referred to as 1/12, 1:12, 1”=1’ or Full Scale)
  • Dollhouse Shingles Included? Yes, Fishscale Style
  • Required Bags of Shingles: 4
  • Dollhouse Siding Included? No
  • Required Bags of Siding: 3
  • Assembled Dollhouse Dimensions: 21"W x 21"H x 14”D
  • Dollhouse Kit Dimensions: 22"W x 17"D x 2"H
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