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  2. Hi Ellen, welcome to the forum! I edited out your email address. I think I have one of these kits. I'll look for it and if I have the instructions I'll scan them for you.
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  4. I will be most interested to see what your Glencroft wants to become. Mine wanted to become a pub. When you have made five posts you can make an album of your build.
  5. Like the lid of the box the kit came in...
  6. My Victoria's Farmhouse RGT Dollhouse Kit was only offered as an MDF version, and I don't see any Milled Plywood versions on their website. Does anyone know why they stopped offering Milled Plywood versions of their dollhouses? The MDF is very heavy. I've seen my dream dollhouse, RGT's discontinued Glenwood, offered for sale on a website in a milled plywood version, but the price was ridiculously high compared to what I paid for my Victoria's Farmhouse kit at Hobby Lobby.
  7. The Benjamin Moore pints are their sample sizes. The Hunter Green for the shutters is perfect--I just wanted something a less bright yellow than Provence Creme for the main part of the house. I do have sample pints of Pale Moon and Happy Valley which are creamier--I can try mixing one of them with the Provence Creme to tone down the yellow.
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  9. jrchob, did you put in your first floor flooring before or after you assembled the house? I noticed in the instructions he has the first floor wood floors in place when he glues the first floor to the foundation. Just curious as to which method might be easier as I had planned to do the floors after I assembled the house.
  10. WyckedWood

    Joann Swanson

    The link to that blog is not the same Joann that wrote for nutshell news.
  11. Ha! Progress made tonight. After an early dinner, started stitching again. I finished the cream stitches, did all the darker green stitches, and started on the blue background. Things should keep going well, I hope. My doctor thinks I'm doing well, and I haven't gained any weight since she saw me last, so yay! Not sure what I'll have for dinner tomorrow, maybe pizza? I'm in the mood for some pepperoni.
  12. Yep, Holly, doing the whole house.
  13. I stopped by Hobby Lobby and the dollhouses where marked down. The Bungalow was priced at $79.00. I don't know if you can use a 40% off coupon on them, but that is a great deal. I don't know if it id just this particular location?
  14. A really cute children's book is The house that Mouse built by Maggie Rudy. Everything in the house is created from household or found items. Her website is cute too.
  15. Thank you both! I am certainly going to start some research on the painting then, can't wait to get stuck in. And yes will definitely post some before and after pics!
  16. Hi Gloria - did you try to add a picture? Im not sure what house you're speaking of since there's no picture. I hope you'll share which house you mean.
  17. Talk to the folks at your local hardware store, as well as any woodshop teachers at your local vocational education center.
  18. Thanks, Carrie, for the article. It was very helpful.
  19. Hi Moon, I adore your work. Can you tell me how long does it take to complete your doll house? Do you need help from anyone else? I have worked on lego set and get stuck in so much troubles. But the biggest trouble is that I don't have enough time and patience to finish my plan.
  20. Aya, I believe you might be our first member from Egypt. If you click on the green underlined hyperlink Newcomer's Forum in my previous post it will take you there where you can make your post. A razor saw: and a miter box: are useful if you do use wood for trims (baseboards and cornice boards), but if you work in foam core and card such as poster board you will only really need a cork-backed steel ruler and a utility knife: (with lots of new, sharp blades and a screwdriver to change them). I have several of those flex-motor tools such as in your picture, but I still use simple, inexpensive hand tools oftenest.
  21. Here are upcoming dates for the online miniature show: July: 15th - 19th August: 19th - 23rd September: 16th - 20th https://aminiminiatureshow.weebly.com/
  22. Jenny, My Beacon Hill came with a Sheet 12 and a Sheet 12 B - not a single Sheet 12 as depicted in the schematics . . . I hope that helps . . .
  23. Welcome Lindsay! I too have always loved minis. I got my first dollhouse (a Greenleaf Pierce) from my husband in the early 90s as a way to keep me from rearranging our real life furniture shortly after we got married. I worked on it during the summers as I was attending college at the time. Then I was so focused for the next decade on my career that I didn't really have time for it. Next came 4 kids and then I REALLY didn't have time for it. Another decade or 2 passed. Now my kids are mostly grown (or at least don't need me as much) and I now find I have free time again. I have collected lots of miniatures (as well as 5 more dollhouses) over the years and even made a few things along the way. I kept packing them away thinking I would work on them when I retired. Well, I have a feeling that with the way my vision has been declining over the years that I had better work on them sooner rather than later! It's nice to have you in the group!
  24. It will also be easier to assemble the 1st floor and finish the interior before adding the 2nd floor/roof. I finished one last year and did not put in a 2nd floor. It's a cute house. Have fun!
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  26. Hi Jennifer - here's a pic of the brown paper wrapped foam board. It really is just covering the raw edges.
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