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  2. Quality signs - 25% cheaper! http://quartercheapersigns.ca/ We will make you any signs in Vancouver - real estate signs, courtyard signs, LED signs, sandwich boards, and much more - a quarter cheaper than the market average. We offer you signs for social distancing at the lowest price in the greater Vancouver region. Real Estate Signs
  3. Thanks for that Jenn! I've actually bought a bit of 'fur' today to try using that for the long grass. Plus after looking into it more I'm going to get a static grass applicator to try. I'll get a cheaper type from Aliexpress to have a play. I've decided to add in a stream too!
  4. KathieB


    Clever you!
  5. Tigpuppy


    I made a flat screen TV out of some shiny black plastic packaging, stir sticks, and the plastic hangy thing that was on my cell phone case's box.
  6. Tigpuppy

    Minis I've Made

    These are pictures of miniatures that I've made. A little of this and a little of that. Some from scratch, some from kits.
  7. grazhina


    I found a photo online and adapted it to fit the scale of the doll I made. It reminds me of hearths found in my family homeland of Lithuania, but I've found white masonry hearths from Sweden on down through Europe to Austria, Hungary and Romania. The rounded shape of this one especially appealed to me.
  8. Mainly just using the graph paper to work out the best sizing for the piece. I have some old oval stencils I used to use in a drafting class of different degree increments, so I've been playing with those to try to get the curve on the dividers correct.
  9. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/clt/d/costa-mesa-unfinished-dollhouse/7127047395.html Does anyone happen to know the original of this house? The chandeliers alone are of some serious value.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I figured as much; you are the most gifted mini artist I have ever seen.
  12. Thank you , Holly, I did paint the plate.
  13. Did you tole paint the plate on the mantel? The doll is perfect for that room!
  14. KathieB


    Works for me! The camera does tend to exaggerate.
  15. grazhina


    When I look at the photos it looks too white, but when I look at it in person it looks fine. I wanted to keep it all sort of toy-like, if you know what I mean. If I were making it for a period setting, I'd add smoke and smudge, a wooden oven door, etc. I kind of what to do another one that way some time.
  16. KathieB


    This is as cute as a basket of kittens. Are you going to age the stove/oven unit? It's soooo white!
  17. sage minis


    Great fireplace .
  18. sage minis

    the front door

    Like this stairway entrance - very cool.
  19. sage minis


    This is very sweet. I like the shape of the fireplace/oven, reminds me of ones I saw in Sweden. Where did you find the fireplace?
  20. I've already been thinking what I want to do for the next Pierce....
  21. Howdy all! Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that the Pierce Dollhouse is back in stock. Our region of NY lifted restrictions on manufactures on May 15th, so we've been nose to the grindstone ever since. We are still operating with a reduced staff so we are only providing customer service through email... please help us out by emailing your question instead of calling. Let's see some pictures of the Pierce so the lurkers out there might take the plug and join our community to share their own pictures. Of course, the Pierce that I dream about is Peacock Palace... Tracy always blows my mind and this house is simply amazing! I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy! Dean AKA Mini Man
  22. I still need to glue the molding on the front to hold the acrylic panel and glue in a couple things. I added a few more pictures in the gallery here. I was going for that vintage German and Austrian shadow box look but done my way. BTW, the chair started out as a rocker with a broken arm rest, so I removed the rockers and turned it into a cute chair. Waste not.
  23. I have roll out mats like this one by Noch: https://shop.noch.com/product-categories/model-landscaping/grass-meadows-fields/grass-mat-meadow-200-x-100-cm-00013.html it will be a simpler putting green look than the static grass meadows but I think it will be fine for a little grass around a house with mostly flowers taking up the space.
  24. I've seen some amazing photos of Static Grass. It looks elaborate and for serious rr modelers. You have to use a tool to get the grass to stand up. The photos show very realistic meadows. I have a grass mat I found at a railroad shop - that can be cut (it's a big roll of flocky fabric papery stuff) and what I love about it is that it has a mix of colors like real grass - different greens but also some yellow and brown - like dead grass! I love it. Do I landscape? No I'm afraid to - but I've got some stuff like this grass and some gritty grainy groundcover for sprinkling to play with when I get up the nerve. https://www.trainsetsonly.com/woodland-scenics-static-grass-field-system-medium-green-14-7mm-fibers-fs622.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIx9uZjdPW6QIVEfDACh0F5gkyEAQYAiABEgJ4X_D_BwE http://www.gatewaynmra.org/2018/step-by-step-modeling-nature-static-grass/
  25. Card makes sturdier patterns than graph paper.. (Guess how I know?)
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