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  2. LOL, Kathie! Down to 3 colors left with the rabbit pillow. Some more cream stitches, some dark green, and then on to the blue background stitching, which should be more speedy. Had some indulgent Stouffer's macaroni and cheese with the meatloaf tonight, hit the spot. Off to the doctor tomorrow for a checkup, then dinner at Wendy's maybe? Thinking of getting a spicy chicken sandwich with fries and root beer.
  3. I hope you're wearing a mask to avoid inhaling MDF dust particles.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I stopped by Hobby Lobby and the dollhouses where marked down. The Bungalow was priced at $79.00. I don't know if you can use a 40% off coupon on them, but that is a great deal. I don't know if it id just this particular location?
  6. The easiest way is to use two aluminum foil baking pans. Punch holes in the bottom of one. Put that one with the holes inside the undamaged one. Add shingles, but not too many; depending on the number of shingles and size of pans, it may take more than one session. Pour in stain. Agitate the pans a bit to get the stain between shingles that may stick together. Check periodically for color. When the shingles are the shade you want, then gently lift the inner pan so the stain remains in the bottom pan. Spread the shingles out on newspaper or cardboard to dry. The stain can be poured carefully back into its can for use another time.
  7. Once the roads get paved, the neighborhood just is not the same. I am glad you are going with the painted version.
  8. Although I have photos of the interior as it stands today, I'm winging it. Allingham altered a few things in her version, and I'll be leaning towards hers rather than the way the place looks today. The house was apparently originally a large merchant's home, then later it was divided into a row of 3 cottages, and at some point was a parsonage. Here's a picture of how it looks today.
  9. Ah thank you! The little X-acto saw is working beautifully.
  10. Today I took my wife out for her first outing since she broke her arm, which led to 4 visits to the ER, 2 surgeries, a week in hospital, and ongoing IV antibiotic infusions and physical therapy. We went to an antiques mall "just to look around" and because the weather is in the 90s and our air con is down. Well - - - I think I found a great bargain. House of Miniatures kits - a Chippendale wing chair, desk and sofa for $4.80 each!!! Now I am kicking myself for not snapping up the other 3 or 4 kits as well.
  11. A really cute children's book is The house that Mouse built by Maggie Rudy. Everything in the house is created from household or found items. Her website is cute too.
  12. Oh and here's something from the archives here:
  13. I have read about people putting them into a plastic bag, with liquid stain, shaking it up and then laying them out to dry. True story. Wear gloves.
  14. What is the easiest way to atain 1,280 shingles for my dollhouse? Do I stain them individually? (I'm thinking yes is the answer to this question...) Thanks for any tips or shortcuts!
  15. What tools do you have? You would need to drill a hole in the corner of each side big enough to fit a small saw blade.
  16. Wow, what an exceptionally charming cottage. Do you have any photo references to the interior or will you be winging it?
  17. Don't know how to edit this post, or delete the topic. I do not have an electric saw--it is a small amount of cutting that needs to be done, and it would be done by hand.
  18. I've always liked this cottage painting by Helen Allingham done well over 100 years ago. As a matter of fact, she must have really liked the cottage too, as she painted it 3 times. I knew what village it was in and wondered if it still stood. It does! It's now a restaurant and bar in Worthing, West Sussex, and I found pictures online, plus several photos taken in the early 1900s. I also found out it is believed to have been built around 1480. I've started drawing plans to build it in 1:24 scale, but my poor brain is distraught. I'm not used to 1:24, have to keep checking and rechecking sizes, and since I've always had a problem with remembering numbers, it's a lot worse now that I'm 69. I seem to have developed more holes in my sieve of a brain. Like I didn't have enough holes as it was.....My cutaway drawing is 1/4" longer than my floorplan. I think I need to take a break and do something else for a while this afternoon.
  19. Kathie, I kind of think they expect it, and are just pleasantly pleased when people send their paperwork in early.
  20. I sent my 2019 tax docs to the accountant this morning via their web portal, along with a heartfelt letter of apology for the delay. Once the IRS moved the deadline from 4/15 to 7/15 I kept putting it off and putting it off. The papers have been stacked on my desk for months, but I just couldn't bring myself to start organizing them. I don't think the mild depression I'm feeling from being housebound helped much. I hope my friendly accountant isn't slammed by other laggards and is still speaking to me.
  21. Slight setback on the rabbit pillow. I discovered a misplaced unit of stitches which was throwing me off. So I unpicked the mistakes and restitched. Of course once I did that, my eyes felt too tired to go further. Meatloaf tonight.
  22. I plan on changing one of the Interior doors in Victoria’s Farmhouse to a French door which is an Exterior door size. I will need to cut the MDF interior door hole to accommodate this exterior door. What did you use to cut the MDF?
  23. Thank you both! I am certainly going to start some research on the painting then, can't wait to get stuck in. And yes will definitely post some before and after pics!
  24. Last week
  25. Scoop the seeds and pulp out then scoop out the flesh leaving about an 1/8 inch inside the skin.
  26. I love pepper jelly and cream cheese on my toasted breakfast English muffin. Are habaneros like jalapenos, in that the riper and redder they are, the less heat they have? McElhenney makes a smoked chipotle tabasco that's even tastier than the original.
  27. oh wow, that sounds like an amazing piece of history that you have! I echo what Carrie said, you want to carefully follow instructions about lead paint. I hope you'll post a before and after - I'm sure we'd all love to see your piece of history!
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