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  2. Hi everyone! First, a little about me. I'm 61, male and recently retired from a local electric utility company (PSE&G) after 37 years. I started my first house around 1990 for my daughter and figured by the time it would be done, she'd be old enough to appreciate it. It was a RGT Green Acres model. It came out really nice, I was very proud of it. I knew I would like doing the exterior but what surprised me was how much I liked designing the interior. I never would've thought that I'd get into picking out wallpaper, carpeting, curtains, flooring etc. And then all the furnishings! My go to store was a place called The Dollhouse Factory in Whitehouse NJ. I don't remember their names but I believe a husband and wife owned it, it saddened me when I heard of its closing a while back. They were always so nice and helpful, she literally spent hours helping me decide on what fabrics/colors to use for all the rooms. It took me, working on and off, about 4 years to complete it. My daughter was now 9 and knew it was not something to "play" with, she had another house for that. She loved going to stores and miniature shows with me to pick things out for it. It was our "thing" we did together. 30 years later... I now have a 9 year old granddaughter and I've decided to build another one! I found a 1984 (date on the Deed) Hofco Victorian Classic kit on Craigslist yesterday and picked it up this morning. It's partially put together, basically the 3 walls and floors. The seller said her parents gave it to her over 30 years ago and its been sitting like that in the basement since. She ended up having all boys and never bothered to finished it. I told her I'd stay in touch and send her pictures as things progress. She was thrilled! I'm really glad I found this old kit and I'm excited to get working on it! I'm hoping to learn from all of you and see what products/tools techniques etc. are popular now. It seems like a friendly and knowledgeable place. So, that's what brought me here. Thanks for having me! Duane, Bucks County PA
  3. havanaholly

    Fur Babies

    Yesterday was international Cat Day.
  4. Thank you. We're eating comfort food for supper tonight.
  5. Well that's exciting! I'm still waiting for the fault near New Madrid, MO, to go off again; it's overdue; the last one rang church bells in Boston.
  6. I was wonder if I could get some help. I was given a Duracraft by 600, a Victorian Farmhouse for Christmas. It is falling apart, and I am very inexperienced at this, but I’m gonna try to do repairs. One of my issues is it is missing a.part of the roof, it’s shaped like a cone, it’s on one corner of the house. I don’t know what it’s called, but I’m wondering how I could purchase that? I just don’t know what to do.
  7. You can see it in person In a few days
  8. Looks like the Lady Kathleen Kit by Celerity
  9. And with one more post you can start an album and share pictures of your restoration.
  10. 1/2 scale Elizabeth Anne shell https://www.ebay.com/itm/Oakridge-Corp-1-24-scale-Elizabeth-Anne-Dollhouse-Shell-2000H/254681386801?hash=item3b4c318f31:g:fUwAAOSwvgVfLwQe
  11. Doesn't look like anyone I know with that name.
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  13. I went to a great custom hardware store near me and I think I now have the right size piano hinge. And will mount to flat of walls like you suggest. Fingers crossed. Thanks for all the advice fellow little people.
  14. Please use the Private Message feature to contact seller for this information. Publishing pricing is not permitted in this thread. To send a Private Message, hover cursor over member's avatar and click on the envelope icon.
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  16. As I said, there's no need to apologize. We learn by doing, and a lot of "advice" is how we learned NOT to do something. Mistakes aren't the end of the world; some of my best bashes have been the result of dealing with a major "oops". BTW, you live in an awfully pretty part of Georgia.
  17. Nancy’s has been gone for about 7 years. The Toy Box in Cocoa Beach is a wonderful shop and is part of the cruise line favorites since it’s located in a tourist village located just a few miles from the port.
  18. Wow... long wait! Haha! Have fun with it - you will really benefit from the convenience. So many possibilities.
  19. I linked to a printable ruler.
  20. looking at the largest things in mini size is quite interesting, I mean, it makes me see the whole view of it. It's one type of miracles friv
  21. Thank you all! Yesterday I had a go at it. I work in a printing factory and that is a benefit. Last week my team and I made a weekly journal containing 20 pages. I could copy the PDF's and make them smaller (25 mm high) and printed a copy. Then I made a mistake. I folded them into each other. It took me a while to understand I should have fold them onto each other... Here is the result, my copy of Alice in Wonderland and a songbook. When I enlarged the picture I noticed that I stuck the front of Alice upside down, haha.
  22. Try this link. https://jennsminis.wordpress.com/greenleaf-instructions-schematics/
  23. Kathryn, it depends on how beautiful you want your house to look and what the house itself wants. We aren't in a race to build these houses. When I was building kits to blog for the Building Team I could finish dollhouse in two or three weeks (except the Glencroft, because for three months I was building it in an RV camper).
  24. Hello Lynn! And welcome! I love modern dollhouses and have one in the works as well. I'll look forward to seeing pics of your modern project! And your Buttercup!
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