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  2. Very cute. Welcome. Looks like a Christmas sweet house
  3. If you have a local artist's supply store you could talk to them about spray sealers. I suspect that the sheets are not the same kind of plastic, and that plastic, being organic,will change over time.
  4. I bought both sheets below from my local miniature store at different times. The faded one is much older but I don't want the same thing to happen with the newer sheet. The house was never kept in direct sunlight... Any ideas? I love the look of the little tiles but will change the flooring material if I can't solve this. The two sheets do have a different feel to them so maybe the new one is better-? There's no brand on the old one. The new one is stamped on the back wit a website (that isn't my local store's but I bought it here...) My local mini store is now only online so I can'
  5. Sandra, I think Diane meant she would like to see pictures of different parts of the house, like its insides.
  6. It's the gimmick, more than anything. I have nothing against Kofi or Xavier otherwise, and I love Big E. It's just not what they should be doing right now.
  7. I am jumping in here a little on the conversation, but would like to add some information. I own two Clell Boyce houses, both bought in Texas. The first one, The Elliott Bay house is stamped with the Victorian Times stamp with initials CGB and dated 6/1/80 in the center. So, according to Mrs. Boyce time frame of Mr. Boyce's building of his houses this one is one he built. It's interesting because I bought this house as a shell, and it does not have the bath room on the right of the house and the pantry on the left. It appears they were never part of the house. Maybe, this house was a cus
  8. Thanks everybody I feel so much better!! Expected reaction, crazy dollhouse ladies are like crazy cat ladies and I have been one of those my whole life
  9. Many thanks! The Fairfield is a wonderful house and I hope you get much enjoyment building yours. You should check out Ashley's Fairfield album. Her build was a huge inspiration for mine.
  10. You have done a wonderful job. I could basically go through the whole album and like every picture. I just received the Fairfield as a late Christmas gift, and after looking at everything you have done I feel so inspired to get started on mine. Thank you for posting all the pics.
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  12. Why did you decide not to put a door in between living room and kitchen?
  13. I love your floor! What stain or fi ish did you use?
  14. Medieval


    Thank you! I agree about the gothic look. I decided not to use them in the Pierce. They don't feel right. So I will save them for something unknown in my future! Maybe I will find a house to match them!
  15. John, I can tell you from personal experience that it will blow you both away.
  16. Emily, for those of us who are primarily visual learners the step-by-step instructions aren't much help without a few detailed photos along the way more than what are usually in the Greenleaf instructions. Even the Dura-Craft instruction booklets' photos were few enough.
  17. Welcome to the little family, Sandra. I read through the instructions a few times, and I have also discarded them at times. As for photos, when you have made five posts you can make an album of each of your builds.
  18. You're doing a great job with the beads and lights. I'd need 100 EXTRA beads right next me me in a bag to destroy until I get it right.
  19. Well, the timeline for the dollhouse had a major delay because my fellow RR Club member and expert modeler fell and injured his head. That cost two months of time for us but a lot more for him. But things are back on track. He just temporarily brought over what he has done on the main floor (and I posted pics in the gallery). He hopes to have a major advance in about a month with both floors mostly complete. He'll be starting on the vigas, the stairway and some of the interior work soon. He just got in the zillion terra cotta tiles (see front porch pictures) that we ordered for the kitchen and
  20. Sharon C


    ...but the CEILING! I'm speechless. I LOVE IT!
  21. We just can't wait. It was (and still is) a 2020 Christmas present for my wife. She still doesn't know what is coming although she knows it will be dollhouse furniture. Missed Christmas and her birthday but it is due in TOMORROW!!!!!! I expect it to look even better than the pictures. Joel has done a magnificent job!
  22. Kitchen. No door to living room on left. Double doors to patio on right (not built yet). Sink will be under window to rear of picture (side of house) with cabinets around it and on left. Refrigerator will be just forward of left cabinets. stove will be on right, past patio door. Southwestern kitchen table will be towards front of picture with hutch to viewer's right. Ceiling light over table and over sink. There will be under-counter lights and outlets.
  23. Yes, I agree. It appears to be a "blush(?)" pink@Samusa which is picking up the color from the inserts on the flooring.
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