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  2. Oops. I see she did mention the blogs. Sorry. Didnt see it on my tiny phone screen!
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  4. Holly gives good advice.i hope to add to that. After you look at the instructions and schematics like she suggested take some time to find a blog or two for the house you have. There are good ones out there that show how to assemble and what the house should like at that stage of assembly. Also there are good you tube videos. So you can look a the pictures and watch the videos which will help you better envision the process. And ask questions here. There are a lot of people who have been in your shoes and perservered to have a house that makes them happy.
  5. jbnmini

    NOLA 10.jpg

    Wow! These are beautiful!
  6. Nicole, first go to those three dots (...) at the top right corner of your post and click on them, click on the "Edit" button and remove your Email address before some scammer/s, spammer/s or webbots attack your account. Which kit are you trying to build? I have built a kit or two (or more; I can't count that high) and the first thing I have learned to do is to read through the instructions a few times, at least once holding the schematics sheet in my other hand to see what the parts look like and where they are. I also arrange the plywood sheets in numerical order. Then I put everythi
  7. An endodus? Aggie, there are three little dots at the upper right of your post box and if you click on them the drop down box should include an"Edit" button, and you can try removing those gratuitous quote boxes that way.
  8. Welcome to the little family, Amanda. Will you be building "from scratch" or a kit, and if a kit, which one is calling your name the loudest?
  9. A reunion? It's so good to see you again! {hugggs]
  10. i feel horrible i walk by this box (opened) & CRY I feel stupid I cant do it there are no step by step illustrated directions and it is a bit on the MORE experienced level & this is the first dollhouse ever so i got to get a beginer one but i wish this has that step by stp illustrated directions cause i feel so dumb root.nicole@yahoo.com anyone can offer any help i really wanted to do this but i just cant
  11. Nice. I'm remodeling our RL kitchen as soon as I settle on the flooring.
  12. I see that many others are also returning... What's the opposite of an exodus? I don't know how to remove these "..." blocks. Don't even know how I opened them. I'm back! Life took some unexpected detours including a liver transplant. We are finally living in Oregon full time. I because in addition to my husbands coverage I am old enough for Medicare, so i don't have to fly halfway around the planet to be able to afford my prescriptions or have labs done. After building and repairing houses for over a million years, I'm getting re
  13. Hey everyone, its good to be back here❤ I am consolidating down to two houses, my dutch baby house and making a wall (or two) of lighted room boxes for the rest of my miniature collection. As I sort the miniatures I will probably sell them in box lots and will offer them here before I put them in an auction. Currenty selling: Duracraft Madison Duracraft Newport. They are both from the quick build series. The shells do assemble in under 30 minutes- if you don't bother with sanding or priming or filling or flooring... I have at least a dozen unbuilt fl
  14. I just sold the kit and realized I don't have the components list or the instructions for the older milled in siding Foxhall Manor or, at this point, any version. Does anyone have a copy they can either scan and email or copy and snail mail?
  15. Welcome to the group. I've been gone for a very long time and just drifted back myself.
  16. Hi everyone, I unexpectedly discovered a love of miniatures during this pandemic! I renovated my childhood dollhouse, which was basically a tiny, 5 room box. And now I'm on to bigger things. So excited to find this forum. Thanks! Amandda
  17. I bought a finished/furnished version of that kit and it IS darling. Very charming size - on the side of smaller 1:24 but good.
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  19. Hi Kyle--I know I'm seeing this post over a year after you made it, but I'm wondering if you still have the foxhall conservatory addition. I'd love to purchase it if you do. Let me know!
  20. I would make the panels first with the trim then glue it to the walls.
  21. I always sand, fill and seal the raw edges of the plywood, especially those left exposed and unfinished, like the underside of the house.
  22. If the wood was sanded and sealed properly as the house was being assembled the glue used to laminate the plywood would not dry out. The shrinking glue is the primary cause of splitting on cracking. Being exposed to extreme damp or heat being the other common culprit.
  23. Aggie! Don't have the instructions, but glad to hear from you! How have you been keeping?
  24. havanaholly

    A New Day

    Keith, it's never offensive to remind us to be kind; we who have been here a while work very hard to keep it that way here.
  25. I just sold the kit and realized I don't have the components list or the instructions for the older milled in siding Foxhall Manor. Does anyone have a copy they can Scan and email or copy and mail?
  26. Medieval

    A New Day

    Not offended. Just happy to be free... ; - P
  27. Keifer

    A New Day

    If my plea for kindness has offended you...I apologize.
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