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  2. Hi Amy, I think you might want to do some research online about lead paint repair/ restoration or google how to clean items painted with lead paint etc.....https://www.fivestarpainting.com/blog/2019/july/can-you-paint-over-lead-paint-five-star-painting/ It sounds like you have a wonderful heirloom
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  4. Um I 'm a lover of pepper jellies this one sounds good . I'm learning to make them I have been working on a Habanero Jelly Trying to get the right heat. It is pretty good so far. Also a tip my son does Mayo and pepper jelly on sandwiches oh so good..
  5. Talk to the folks at your local hardware store, as well as any woodshop teachers at your local vocational education center.
  6. Last day in the market. Will be put back into storage if not sold today. Send best offer at listing sight.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124242558488 Thank you!
  7. Thanks, Carrie, for the article. It was very helpful.
  8. Hi Moon, I adore your work. Can you tell me how long does it take to complete your doll house? Do you need help from anyone else? I have worked on lego set and get stuck in so much troubles. But the biggest trouble is that I don't have enough time and patience to finish my plan.
  9. This doll house is still in box and has never been displayed.
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  11. Aya, I believe you might be our first member from Egypt. If you click on the green underlined hyperlink Newcomer's Forum in my previous post it will take you there where you can make your post. A razor saw: and a miter box: are useful if you do use wood for trims (baseboards and cornice boards), but if you work in foam core and card such as poster board you will only really need a cork-backed steel ruler and a utility knife: (with lots of new, sharp blades and a screwdriver to change them). I have several of those flex-motor tools such as in your picture, but I still use simple, inexpensive hand tools oftenest.
  12. I wish I wish they made that little cheap saw so it could swing the full 180 degrees. I want this saw
  13. Here are upcoming dates for the online miniature show: July: 15th - 19th August: 19th - 23rd September: 16th - 20th https://aminiminiatureshow.weebly.com/
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  15. Jenny, My Beacon Hill came with a Sheet 12 and a Sheet 12 B - not a single Sheet 12 as depicted in the schematics . . . I hope that helps . . .
  16. Welcome Lindsay! I too have always loved minis. I got my first dollhouse (a Greenleaf Pierce) from my husband in the early 90s as a way to keep me from rearranging our real life furniture shortly after we got married. I worked on it during the summers as I was attending college at the time. Then I was so focused for the next decade on my career that I didn't really have time for it. Next came 4 kids and then I REALLY didn't have time for it. Another decade or 2 passed. Now my kids are mostly grown (or at least don't need me as much) and I now find I have free time again. I have collected lots of miniatures (as well as 5 more dollhouses) over the years and even made a few things along the way. I kept packing them away thinking I would work on them when I retired. Well, I have a feeling that with the way my vision has been declining over the years that I had better work on them sooner rather than later! It's nice to have you in the group!
  17. havanaholly

    Joann Swanson

    Thank you for that link. Lesley. It sure explains a lot!
  18. It will also be easier to assemble the 1st floor and finish the interior before adding the 2nd floor/roof. I finished one last year and did not put in a 2nd floor. It's a cute house. Have fun!
  19. Hi Jennifer - here's a pic of the brown paper wrapped foam board. It really is just covering the raw edges.
  20. I loom forward to seeing it Bobie! I considered moving the stairs but don’t want them oitside. If I make them small and steeper, that will help. I am trying not to get too far ahead on this idea because I need to finish some other projects first.
  21. Could you post a picture of the front that shows the whole house, roof line etc.....I think it is a bash of different houses???
  22. I received this one as a gift, and I enjoyed every second of putting it together... EXCEPT the little hanging light! Whew, it was not easy. Lots of little metal pieces to bend into some semblance of a light fixture Mine definitely came out a bit "wonky", but overall it is so cute and it led to my recent renewed interest in miniatures! I'm not an expert, but the scale is pretty hard to determine. The shelving seemed 1:12, but the chair and ladder felt smaller, although not as small as 1:24. Very hard to say, but it looks great on my bookshelves, even when the misshapen light is turned on https://www.robotimeonline.com/products/diydollhouse-dg102
  23. Hi Janet! Welcome :-) I'm new here, too! Good luck with the houses! Having a "trial and error" house is such a good idea! -Lindsay
  24. This is so weird! I just got back from a vacation. Part of it was spent with another home economics teacher. I was sharing with her my new found love of building d ollhouses and was telling her how much of our content I use to build a dollhouse. One of the areas we can teach is interior design. Another is personal environment. So I told her i might do a unit where the kids final project would be creating a room box. But they would have to design and print their own wallpaper, flooring, etc. Another idea I had was to do a after school club to completing a kit and donating to a children's hospital.
  25. YES! And I love it!!! It has always been my goal to have people not be able to tell if pictures of it ares life sized or mini sized.
  26. I found a mirror at Walmart today I’m going to try. It looks really thin. They had them in the section for removable wallpaper. It’s about a 10 inch circle shape but looks like it can be cut. It was only around $5 so I’ll come back and say if it worked or not
  27. She finally did return one of my emails today, nothing to do with covid, an item was unavailable even tho website said it was in stock. As a consumer with many choices on where to buy, communication is a big deal for me. Now my project and my spending money is held up for an unknown time because info on their website was not accurate. Which is all beside the point that I repeatedly asked for an update and didn’t get any response.
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