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Thoughts of my Willowcrest dancing around my head.

Ms. Mini


Let’s see… the topic today will be???? Side paneling! Yes I know again right? As you know this is the first house I have ever side paneled and you can definitely see the first area I started paneling is completely different from the rest! But that’s ok it looks ok I think. And its just one side of the house. I found the best way to do an even paneling is once a layer is glued down take a piece of panel and line it up where you want the text one to go. Then I would just trace a thin pencil line at the bottom of it so when its time to glue I know exactly where it needs to go! I only have one section left to panel, the stop arch in the front of the house. I’ve been trying to figure out what the best way would be to go about it because of the trim that goes around it. I think I’m going to “clip” on the trim and then line up the side paneling and trace the curve that needs to be cut off… Make sense? Hopefully that will work; we will just have to see on that one.

After that I’m going to start on the porch railing. I already punched it all out, now I just need to give it a good sanding and paint it white. I’ll post some pictures later :)

-Jenny :whistle:





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