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9th Session, 3-6 November



I unpacked the Orchid and the lower porch fell off :whistle: . I measured and cut the upstairs baseboards and painted the ones for the bathroom red and for the other room blue and when they were dry I installed them. It was then I noticed I had installed the guardrail backwards... So I removed it and reassembled & reinstalled it.


Since I was on a roll with gluing things I re-glued the bottom of the porch and then I installed the stairs, the handrail and the downstairs divider wall.


Since the way I did the dormers and gable precluded "bricks" I went with shingles stained mahogany. Once they were on I began to paint the "stones" and noticed the mahogany was too "loud", so I toned it down with a wash of the stone colors:


I used blue, umber, siena, ochre & black for coloring the stones and I used a combination of washing and dry-brushing.

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Holly, I really like your diamond shaped roof tiles. The house is looking good, sorry the porch had to be put back on.

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