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Front and Sides clay

Minis On The Edge



I did not realize that I have not added more pictures of the rest of the clay work I have done to this house. It is a LARGE house to add clay too which means I am using a lot more clay than I thought I would. It is looking wonderful though.

The outside is all done.When my husband comes home with my camera I will post more pictures:

blog-4-1162598232_thumb.jpg blog-4-1162598245_thumb.jpg

blog-4-1162748332_thumb.jpg blog-4-1162748350_thumb.jpg

Roof finished pictures:

blog-4-1162845284_thumb.jpg blog-4-1162845360_thumb.jpg



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Tracy it is looking good, I can't wait to see it all finished. Do you get to pick the wallpaper or will your client?

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