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Jimmy's Turn! Putting on the Face!



Today Jimmy got to play with the Orchid for a change. He put the one roof section on the front, and then put the two small windows in. Then he wrestled with the big front section of the house, and taped it ALL up, LOL!


Then he turned the house around so that he could work on something, and I realized that he had not put the bottom support in at the back of the house. Oops. That's something that will need to be bricked, so guess what! We're not done with bricks after all, LOL!


He will not put the back section of the roof on yet, because I will need to wallpaper the upper rooms before that piece goes on. He will add caulk in to give me smooth lines to wallpaper to, and I'll try and get some pix of that.

Compliments of LPCullen


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