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Day eight & nine and I have a Owie!

Minis On The Edge



My hobby knief decided to bite me hard today on my right thumb!!! Sheesh, why does these things happen when I cannot afford a delay? :angry: I also spent a while the other day in the doctors office with Rachel because she has strep throat again! The doctor treated me for it too so we are both on meds :huh: .

Moving right along anyway, I took a day off and waited a day to start working back on the house. I added window seats, the stair rail and more trim (to make the wallpapered rooms look more manicured ) and the closet door & front door and trim Ohh my!

I even started on the shingles! I have decided to move the position of the chimney since the fireplace is in between the two living room windows, I thought the chimney should be there also. B) My customer says so far she is so pleased with the house. She has no idea how much she is encouraging me! Every night I go to bed I look at the list of things that still need to be done and I feel I will NEVER get it done in time!!

I only blogged this because I wanted to show everyone what determination can lead you too. Besides going crazy, you can end up with a fully completed house built, painted, electrified AND wallpapered witha base :lol: :lol:

This shot show the inside.


I am pleased at the time of taking this picture .When I downloaded it on the computer, I noticed the walls look unfinished and shabby! I can't have that happening now so do I run to hobby lobby AGAIN? Of course!


The window seats are removable just in case my customer wants to change the fabric.

blog-4-1159666827_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159666857_thumb.jpg

Shingles started before I dozed off to sleep



Checking to be sure that all of the lights are still working


Complements of Minis on the edge



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