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Minis On The Edge


I received a order for a Beacon Hill on September 18th. The house is to be for my customers Mother who was brought up during the Depression and always wanted a dollhouse. This will be a surprise gift for her. My customer needed the house completed and delivered by October 6th. :huh: Could I do it. Well I said of Course I can :angry: . But after finding out the size of of her mother's house, she decided that she wanted me to build the Westville house instead. And then the fun began!!

I ran downstairs to my garage and pulled out the Westville kit and opened it. As usual, I checked all of the sheets to be sure I had them all and all the while, I was thinking about my customer. How sweet of her to do this for her Mother! So I started to get nervous. Will I meet her expectations? She want the house to be White & the trim to be Hunter Green. Of course, I told myself last year that when I build this house again, it would be ALL paper clay. Well, maybe I can get a little bit in but my customer wants it to be built as it is on the box so I must restrain my creative ideas!

Join me for the fun!

These are the picture from my first day! The shell went together so fast that this is the only picture I took. I blinked and it seemed all of the walls were up!


She mentioned she would love for me to electrify the house so I am doing that. First I drill a hole on the first floor ceiling and the 2nd floor "floor"


I then pull the wire through that


I did this for all of the rooms. I then cover the wire with tape to keep them flat and to be sure that they are covered when I add the glue to cover the wire with the hardwood floors I am using

blog-4-1159661922_thumb.jpg blog-4-1159661885_thumb.jpg


This is what the house looked like at the end of Day one:


Complements of Minis on the edge


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