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7th session, 19-22 September



In our travels to the campground at Natural Chimneys I spotted a house with a turret (brick) with the roof entirely shingled in a diamond pattern. While processing the prior roll of film at Wal-Mart I found wonderful 4-packs of 9" X 11" 60-grit sandpaper that appeared to be in scale to do the job :angry:


The thickness looked mighty close to scale and I figured 1" squares would give the roofing effect I wanted for the Orchid. The first step was to mark the back of each sheet into 1" grids, which is easy-peasy with paper in whole inch dimensions such as this; 9" X 11" yields 99 shingles per sheet of sandpaper.


I had to cut strips 3/4" wide along the 11" side to give me flat-edged strips for the roof tops & bottoms, as well as 1" wide strips to cover the peaks. Next I cut out my edge strips and the individual squares.


The first step I did to shingle the roof was to cut 1/2" wide strips of aluminum foil to glue over the roof seams for "flashing".


The roof I'm copying had copper flashing, but my copper foil is, you guessed it, at home!

Next I glued the 3/4 strips along the flat edges of the roof pieces (and below the dormers) and I began to glue the square shingles on in the diamond pattern.


Using paper, any sort of paper, for shingles makes trimming for odd angles to get fit along the joining seams a whole lot easier! :huh:

I wound up making shingles from both packs of sandpaper, although I have some left over. I shall probably use the wooden shingles that came with the kit to cover the dormers and gable when I get home.

Beware the smug feeling of accomplishment, I missed the lower edge of the back roof opening with a straight strip of the 3/4" wide sandpaper, but here is the completed shingling job ready to pop back under the bed to finish drying.



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