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Day Twelve - Orchid - September 23, 2006




Yesterday Ray finished shingling the roof with Cork shingles that I'd cut. We're satisfied with how the shingles went on, but we're going to do some shading with a highlighter to add definition.

Mother Bear had a surprise for me. She'd hidden it very well behind her apron, but now the 3 Bears are four. I've created a place for the newest Baby Bear in the charming little alcove off of the Master Bedroom. I took pity on Mother Bear having to heat baby bottles over the fireplace, so found her a small stove that would fit into her kitchen. I think it also works better for cooking her porridge.

Oh, and another surprise. Goldilocks will have to be jockeying for space on the former Baby Bear's bed. It seems that this bear family already had a Raggedy Anne little girl that comes over for naps.

blog-352-1159137565_thumb.jpg blog-352-1159137616_thumb.jpg

blog-352-1159137645_thumb.jpg blog-352-1159137670_thumb.jpg

blog-352-1159137697_thumb.jpg blog-352-1159137722_thumb.jpg

blog-352-1159137747_thumb.jpg blog-352-1159137773_thumb.jpg

I'll take more photos when my camera battery recharges ... I'll get some photos of the cork shingles.

This week I'll finish up my landscaping, and when Ray's off work again (next weekend) we'll shadow the cork shingles and the Orchid will be completed.




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