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4th session, 21-23 August



I noticed a BIG "oopsie", white primer from the exterior "stones" had run in at the bottom of the left dormer & all acros my lovey striped wallpaper & dried :angry: ! I stripped off the old paperand primed over the green. Judith Abraham's suggestion of warm water & vinegar worked a charm! I spackled the seams & gaps generously.


I found Linda Cullen's method of ceiling painting to be most effective.


SERENDIPITY NOTE: We stopped at a charity thrift shop in Johnson City, TN, where for US$1 I found a strip of "prepasted" wallpaper border and a sample pot of Benjamin Moore paint in a red that coordinated with one of the colors in the paper's pattern. How good is that?

I spackled the downstairs front and left walls , carving the "stones" to match grout lines.

blog-8-1159106895_thumb.jpg blog-8-1159106987_thumb.jpg

As soon as the carving was done I carefully removed the masking tape. I smooth-spackled the porch ceiling and when it had all dried I primed all the exterior spackle.

I masked off the large upstairs room floor and painted the walls I wanted white.


I masked off the lower part or the dividing wall to paint it red.

I gathered together the assemblies & parts for assemblies and sorted them into ziplock bags so as not to lose or mix them up.


Next I assembled the stairs and dry-fit them with the dividing wall to get a "feel" for the storage area.

blog-8-1159107445_thumb.jpg blog-8-1159107537_thumb.jpg

Last I applied the border strip upstairs. I shall wait to trim it until it's dry.


Now it's time to pack it all away, we move again tomorrow!

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LOL! Thanks Holly! I'm glad to see someone else turning their house upside down to paint the ceiling! It really does make it easier!

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