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Medieval Chappel Completed



Well here it is - at last - the completed bash.

From this: blog-86-1157693249_thumb.jpg to this blog-86-1157693286_thumb.jpg

The front entry way

blog-86-1157693395_thumb.jpg blog-86-1157693422_thumb.jpg


blog-86-1157693457_thumb.jpg blog-86-1157693567_thumb.jpg blog-86-1157693626_thumb.jpg

Exterior angles

blog-86-1157693659_thumb.jpg blog-86-1157693694_thumb.jpg

I'd like to say thanks to everyone the Greenleaf Forum who helped with landscaping tips. painting and paperclay tips, opinions and ideas on how to tackle the various problems I encountered while trying this bash experiement. Without their enthusiasm and encouragment I would not have had the courage to tackle such a project. I learned so many things through this build that I really believe this will remain one of my favorite houses of all time.

Thanks again everyone!! :angry:


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I love it!

so proud of you!

so does this make 2 official finished projects for you?

good for you! you have really come a long way in such a short time!

it really is wonderful

will you get an opportunity to share it with others?

I hope so.

congratulations on the completion of your first Team build!

Take a bow!

nutti :D

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David, it's nothing less than spectacular! I'm in awe!! You have shown that you are a very, very talented mini-ist and your orchid is a work of art. Excellent job!Deb

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David, I Adore your work of art!!! This is truly a Masterpiece!! You did a fantastic job on this house and I LOVE your artistic imagination for sure. Thank You for joining us on this Build!!

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Oh my! This is such a wonderful "bash" I need to sit down in the silent corner to get a grip of myself again ;) I might add that a WOW is coming close to how I feel about it but not expressing it completley! ;)


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Thank you everyone ;)

I've never done anything that got such great praise and from you guys it means A LOT This was a really fun build - I felt bad that it took me so long to finish but I tried a lot of new things and learned whole lot! And yep - this makes it offical - 2 projects I've finished ;) Maybe I'll actually get over my phobia of finishing projects now ;) It really does feel good to have them done ;) but I couldn't have gotten either of them done without everyone here helping me along :)

Thanks again!

-David :D

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Wow, I love your medieval Orchid! ;) What an innovative idea to make out of this Victorian dollhouse a medieval chappel!

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I have finally gotten back on line, and what a wonderful treat to see your masterful little Medieval chapel! How wonderful! I am in total awe.

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I know you finished this forever ago and it's probably a dim memory by now... but all I can say is WOW!!!!

Talk about kit bashing!!! I'm so glad you didn't make that Witches House!! What a beautiful job you did!! I read every word! I even felt the agony of the cracks, waiting, and other problems!

I'm new to all of this, and reading everything I can get my hands on! Hopefully i will learn from everyone else's mistakes and read all of the advice first!! I know, wishful thinking! I will have to go through it all myself! LOL!

I'm off to make my 2nd experimental castle wall with Paperclay! The 1st one wasn't too bad! My reading is paying off!! Now for those Gothic windows!


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Wow, I'm thinking that you might never see this reply...I wasn't even in the Greenleaf World when you did this! But I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Medieval Chapel made out of the Orchid kit!!!! I love medieval-tudor most of all.I also hope to

one day make something that I like as much as your Chapel.WTG!!! :p

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