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It's pretty much a wrap!



Well, it's taken just over a month from beginning building to completed decorating on this little house. The build was SO easy and went together quickly so that it left lots of time for the fun stuff!!

The only problem I ran into was with the porch posts. They didn't meet up with the porch rail, but I figured it out. My gable addition was not straight . . . it pointed upwards, which made the porch posts short, so I had to add in pieces to accommodate the difference (just call it a decorative detail!) :angry:

After much #*%*(* and digging out the jujube stones and re-paperclaying new ones, I finally got the stone effect I was after. They turned out pretty nice (if I do say so myself)! :huh:


Once the house was done I was able to go ahead with landscaping. I attached the house to a piece of foam and plywood, glued on the grass and commenced planting flower beds! :lol:

blog-267-1156372989_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156373063_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156373131_thumb.jpg

I then started on the pond. I dug out the grass and foam to create a divet.


Then I used paperclay to create the pond and stones surrounding it.


I painted the 'water' with Avalon Blue and painted the stones with the same colors on the house. It turned out great and is one of my favorite things about the landscaping.

blog-267-1156372844_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156373028_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156373098_thumb.jpg

blog-267-1156372877_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156372909_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156372950_thumb.jpg

The interior is pretty much complete also. My kitchen finally arrived! :lol: I just have crown moulding to install in the parlor and kitchen and I want to paint the dining table and chairs. I also would like to add towels and whatnots to the bathroom, but other than that, I'd say I'm done (famous last words)!! :lol:

blog-267-1156373168_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156373198_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156373232_thumb.jpg

blog-267-1156373265_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156373298_thumb.jpg blog-267-1156373333_thumb.jpg

Today I put a coat of varnish on the shingles and trim and I'm done!!

This was a very fun project and I want to thank Greenleaf for the opportunity to participate!! :lol: It's also been great fun to see all the other "Orchid's". Everyone has done or is doing a fantastic job!!




















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Teresa -

You truly did build and decorate a fairy tale cottage. I'm in awe. You didn't miss any details. The garden is lovely .... the colours are so beautiful. I don't have the words to tell you how much I've enjoyed looking at your photos.

Here's a standing ovation from me ............clap clap clap ...... bravo!


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I second everyone's comments, it is beautiful the whole thing--house, interior decorating, landscaping. Take a bow for your round of applause.

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Thanks so much everyone!! I really enjoyed letting out "my inner little girl" on this project!! :)

Nutti, I used a kit from the train/hobby store. It comes in a little jar and you just pour it on. I painted the 'bottom' of the pond with Avalon Blue (DecoArt) first, but the kit comes with a little jar of paint as well that you could use. I think you can get realistic water from craft stores too. I paid $7 for the kit.

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What a perfect little cottage for a favorite character! Your special touches really raise this effort above the ordinary! And thanks for leaving in the jujube caper ... live and learn, eh? :D

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Oh my, another true inspiration!!!! It is funny though, it isn't that long ago I had a serious chat with a friend of mine regarding the possibilities of creating mini scenes to favourite fairy tales. Now this has certainly fueld that idea!!!!



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