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Hiding electrical wires

Minis On The Edge



I promised to show a step by step on hiding my wires from my lights. First of all, I always look for a a good place to put them in the ceiling. I then start looking for a good corner to hide the wires in:


I take some quick grip glue and glue your wires into place in the corner



While the glue dry, I add tape to keep them in place. Before I add clay, I add electrical tape to the wires. The clay goes OVER the wall which will cover the tape and wires. If you add the wires in areas where base board/trim will be (which is usually in the corners and op or bottom edges) trim hides them very well and you can wallpaper over it that way better too (Won't need electrical tape over it then either some trim have grooves cut into them to fit the hard wire)




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